Week 5: Mushrooms

Karl Hyde of Underworld once sang “you let light in, you let light in, you let light iiiiiinnnnn.”

What fool complains because the curtains have been opened? A right fool, that’s what.

Mushrooms. I recommend the large white mushroom. Not those funny looking chestnut ones. Or ones bought in Amsterdam. I felt like I was 18 feet wide after chowing down those bastards.

Chop them up. I recommend slices. I used to cut them into quarters but you end up with chunks that are too big. Slices. Like the Boo Radleys’ singer Sice but with an “l”.

Next week: courgettes.

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2 Responses to Week 5: Mushrooms

  1. I await the courgette section with baited breath. It has been baited (whatever the arse that means) for over a year now. please let me know what i should expect.

  2. wjgibson2013 says:

    I’m still growing them.

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