Week 3: Celery

Right, this week’s update. See that green stuff on the supermarket shelf. No, not the courgettes you tool. The stuff in stalks. No, not the bloody spring onions. STALKS. Green. Aye, that. Celery. Get to the till and buy it.

You will need about three stalks for the ragu. Supermarkets, with their global economies of scale, sell the bastards in packs of eight stalks or more but it keeps for several weeks in the fridge so you can use the remainder in future ragus.

Cut three stalks into bits. Don’t slice your thumb open getting the knife out the rack like I did the other day. By Christ, that hurt.

Then peel and chop three carrots.

Pour about a quarter of a pint of water into a big old saucepan. Warm it gently, hoying the onions, celery and carrots in. Don’t boil its arse off, you want the vegetables to soften. Pour a little olive oil in there as well.

Next week we’ll be chopping up garlic and bunging a load of other shit in there and all.

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One Response to Week 3: Celery

  1. Hi John. I’m calling from America and I must say I’m very excited to be here. Celery is very exciting to me and I think it’s the most important ingredient in the tri-state area.

    I hope to visit Dubrovnik one day and find out about the medieval republic of Ragusa, which I understand is the spiritual home of Ragu. Unless it’s some kind of Japanese dish? Either way it’s very exciting. And in the afternoon I can see see other famous European sites like the pyramids, Belarus and Arthur’s chair in Edinburgh.

    Thank you for sharing.


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